5 Tips When Pitching For a Link

Digital and Wise Presents "5 Tips When Pitching a Link

Building great backlinks has become one of the most important aspects of your SEO campaign. Everyone is pumped at the thought of getting their clients to top of the rankings, and the more sophisticated Google’s algorithms become the harder and more time consuming its going to be. When you’re outreaching for links the strength of your pitching is going to be the key factor in determining whether or not your campaign will be a success or failure. Pitching for a link does not mean sending out a generic email to all of your link prospects. This must be a carefully thought out process! Below we have listed 5 important tips for when you’re pitching for a link.

1. Have a Strategy

This seems really obvious, but the amount of people who see building a link as sending out 100’s of generic emails to basically anyone who will listen is staggering. Having a well thought out strategy will improve your chances of acquiring links massively. Make sure you’re targeting people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Make sure you understand the industry you’re talking to so you can determine what tone you take with them. Don’t go in without a plan, otherwise you will end up with poor links or simply no links at all.

2. Be Personal

If you have decided to pitch to someone, it’s usually because you’ve identified this person/site as being influential in a certain space and having an audience that you think could benefit from whatever you’ve got. If this is the case then always give them the respect they deserve by learning their name, gender and a fact or two about them. This will take approximately 3 minutes of your time and it will go along way to building a relationship. If your email starts “Dear Sir” then more than likely this means your email will not even be read. Be personal, make sure the person you’re talking to feels wanted and important.

3. Don’t Make Email Your First Port of Call

Obviously on some occasions an email could be your only option, but with the social media boom and everyone having either a Twitter or Linkedin account, it is wise to try and introduce yourself there. Twitter would be the obvious choice, this give you chance to make a mini pitch and ask for an email address or whether or not it would be ok if you gave them a phone call. Someone is more likely to be receptive to you if they have seen your name before and at least have an idea of what you’re looking for.

4. Make It Worth Someones While

“Nothing in life is free” that’s debatable but in the case of link building its very true. Someone isn’t going to put your content or a link to your site on their site unless they are getting something in return. So…. what is your USP? because for the sake of your pitch you must state exactly what you’re offering. Marketing your content as exclusive is always something that gets peoples tails waggling. This is the sales part of your pitch and you must show off your persuasion skills.

5. Keep It Short and Keep It Sweet

Bare in mind that most of the people you will be contacting will be busy. They do not have time to sit on the phone for half an hour, or read through a long winded email. They want you to get to the point, so you must appease that. Be upfront, be brief and tell them what you want. Make sure that everything you’re saying is relevant because this is your one chance to woo, so don’t mess it up!

What’s next? Well now its down to you! Take these tips and go out and try and get some quality links for your site. We at D&W would love to hear if you use these tips and whether or not you found them helpful!

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