6 Festive Shopping Days to Add to Your Marketing Calendar

With many Brits reported to be turning to the internet in the run up to Christmas, retailers are under immense pressure to capture those all important sales and stay ahead of the competition. A recent forecast produced by Deloitte suggests that we are expecting to spend close to a whopping £40billion this festive season and see a rise of 3.5% against last year’s recorded sales. Online spend alone is predicted to bring in £5billion this Christmas, an increase of almost 20% on last year. The fourth quarter for many businesses is the most crucial In a bid to do this, UK retailers have adopted some of the top American shopping days.

1. Black Friday : Friday 29th November.

The Friday following Thanksgiving Day, originating in the United States, is often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Typically, Black Friday has previously seen retailers opening their doors extremely early (picture the Next sale) and offering jaw-dropping promotions and deals to kick start the holiday shopping season.

2. Cyber Monday : Monday 2nd December.

Referring to the Monday immediately after Black Friday, Cyber Monday is known for capturing the high traffic of consumers shopping online. It is fast becoming one of the biggest shopping days of the year and an important marketing date for online retailers. Businesses must harmonise all their digital channels to promote, push and encourage sales.

3. Small Business Saturday : Saturday 7th December.

The UK will be celebrating Small Business Saturday for the first time this year. The event was initiated in America back in 2010 and is aimed at encouraging consumers to support their local small businesses. We’re excited to see how this will expand in to the UK market and impact our 4.9million SMEs, after the success recorded by SMEs in America. Our advice to SMEs is to take part and gain a competitive edge, connect with your customers and attract new ones.

4. Green Monday : Monday 9th December.

Similar to Cyber Monday, Green Monday is an online retailing term given to the 2nd Monday of December when sales are expected to be high. eBay first marked the day to describe their best sales day in December. Stay ahead of your competition by sharing Green Monday offers. Customers won’t be exposed to as many deals as Cyber Monday and so now is the time to take advantage.

5. Free Shipping Day : Wednesday 18th December.

This is another American marketing day with huge success stories, and it is definitely one that the UK should take a hold of. Offering customers the opportunity to place orders online with the promise of free delivery and a guaranteed arrival by Christmas Eve. We are notoriously a nation that leaves present buying to the last minute (we’re all guilty of it), and what better way to entice those last minute purchases than with the promise of free and guaranteed delivery.

6. Super Saturday: Saturday 21st December, 2013.

The final Saturday before Christmas still remains to be one of the most popular shopping days of the festive period, both online and on the high street. Although the economy is believed to be stabilising and we therefore are likely to possibly loose a little bit of the last minute panic buying, there will always be a relatively high number of shoppers who remain to be un-organised or buy best under-pressure and this year is expected to be no different so be prepared.

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