Amazon Local Register: New Secure Card Reader & Mobile App

Amazon Local Register

Amazon has recently hit the news with the launch of its new ‘Local Register’ card reader, a device that is designed to be attached to a smartphone or tablet in order to accept credit and debit card swipe payments. Put simply, Amazon Local Register is an exciting new mobile-point-of-sale solution.

The fact that Amazon has entered into this new market is big news for us all, it’s now selling in the one place that it hasn’t yet sold: the offline, physical world! Not only will it rival Square and Paypal who already exist in this space, but it will indeed make accepting payments much more accessible for small business and individuals; it makes sense for business who trade offline and may not have means to take card payments any other way to use it (eg. food trucks, tradesmen and fashion boutiques etc).

As Amazon get closer to celebrating their 20 year online anniversary (July 2015), the company continues to be centered around three key principles: customer obsession, passion for invention and long-term thinking – with a focus on making accepting payments easy and inexpensive.



How does it work?

The reader simply slots in via the headphone jack of the user’s smartphone or tablet. Once the card is swiped through the reader, the transaction is processed and confirmed. Click below to play the introduction video:

What does it cost?

The impressive new card reader can now be bought in the US (on for just $10 and is accompanied by a downloadable free app which offers the award-winning Amazon customer support and business tracking tool. Amazon will then charge a promotional flat rate of 1.75% per swiped transaction until Jan 2016 and after this date a planned 2.5% cut.

Comparison - Amazon


Which devices are compatible?

iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy S handsets and Kindle Fire tablets …



What’s next?

The new card reader is currently only available to users with a US billing address but it is said that it will be fully rolled out in 2016. There are also some exciting rumours that it may not be too long before we see mobile payment solutions based on fingerprinting technology using biometric fingerprint scanners.


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If you are a business interested in more details, then you can visit the dedicated Secure Card Read page on the Amazon store, or the Amazon Local Register site.


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