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D&W had the pleasure of attending Iomart’s VIP private seminar held at the Bond in Motion exhibition in Covent Garden’s London Film Museum.

The event was introducing the data Explosion that is gathering pace. “Q Branch” type gadgets now becoming a mainstream reality, from connected cars to multifunctional pens, data is being generated from a whole range of web connected devices. Iomart answered questions like, should we be worried? What is Big Data? What is happening in the fields of Wearable Tech? How will we manage and secure the extra terabytes of data gathered?

The key note speakers for the seminar included the CEO of Smartlife, Andy Baker; EMC Service Provider Strategic Director, Chris Hemmingway; and iomart’s Chief Technology Officer, Bill Strain. In addition to the excellent seminar we enjoyed exclusive access to the venue, including refreshments, and a private tour of the largest collection of Bond vehicles and props ever gathered.

The full slide deck is now available to download.

You can see some of the tweet conversations that were taking place during the event using #DataIsForever.

Here’s a few photos of the Bond Props: (Definitely worth visiting if you’re a bond fan)!

Main Image Source: iomart website

Blog Images Source: George Ioannou

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