D&W’s News From Around the Web – Jan 2014 Week 2

Welcome back to our second news roundup of 2014. There’s been a lot going on this week around the web so let’s dive right in…

1. Technology

The Pirate Bay Unveils New Anti-Censorship Browser


Pirates rejoice! In an attempt to combat any preventative measures imposed against users of the infamous file sharing site, The Pirate Bay announce their goal to create a browser that will circumvent domain & IP-blocking allowing people to download torrents of illegal material unhindered.

Article source: The Guardian

Image source: hideipvpn.com

Eye Scanning Device Protection Imminent


Before finger print scanning device protection even had chance to take its coat off, iris scanning looks set to muscle in on the mobile security market and steal its thunder, with Samsung rumoured to be bundling it with the soon to be released Galaxy S5 mobile handset.

Article source: Mashable

Image source: digitaltrends.com

WWE Launches TV Steaming Network


WWE have announced their own streaming network – a kind of wrestling themed Netflix – in an attempt to increase product exposure across the world. For those men (or women) who need Randy Orton and co on tap around the clock, this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for.

Article source: CNN

Image source: en.paperblog.co.uk

Linux OS To Have Torrent Search Bundled


Further good news for the Pirate Bay this week as massively popular Linux Operating System Ubuntu controversially announced plans to incorporate a torrent search into their next OS release. How this will be perceived by the anti-piracy brigade remains to be seen.

Article source: Ars Technica

Image source: design.ubuntu.com

2. Mobile

One Billion Android Devices To Ship In 2014


Android continues the march onwards to usurp Apple with industry experts Gartner predicting over a billion devices using the Android OS will ship in 2014.

Article source: Reuters

Image source: eestec.net

Snap Chat App Creators Apologise For Security Breech


Massively popular Snapchat – who recently turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook – have apologised for a security exploit which saw somewhere in the region of 4.6 million user’s details being leaked online.

Article source: Mashable

Image source: trustedreviews.com

Introducing Jelly


Biz Stone – co-creator of Twitter – unveils Jelly; a social based, multimedia based new fangled search engine intended to answer questions that a Google search can’t. Will this new take on search make Google ‘jelly?’ (Sorry).

Article source: The Next Web

Image source: heavy.com

3. Web

Global Digital Statistics 2014


As we start the new year, many companies are divulging statistics and predictions for the upcoming twelve months. One of those companies, “We Are Social,” have released their global research statistics covering just about everything internet based from internet use to social media uptake and all things in between and beyond. Certainly worth a read.

Article source: We Are Social

Image source: adelinapeltea.com

Google Allows Strangers To Send Emails To GMail Users


In a controversial move that attempts to further force their Google+ service onto users, Google have introduced a feature that allows strangers to access the GMail addresses of their Google service users. Attention people – can we all please just start using their desperate-to-be-popular service before we find ourselves having to log in to G+ just to use their search engine?!

Article source: Tech Updates

Image source: businessinsider.com

Code Combat Goes Open Source


The massively popular online multi-player game which teaches people how to write code have released their website’s entire source code to encourage contributions from the open source community. To hear that such a large company has revealed their production code is virtually unprecedented and will hopefully encourage others to follow suit. A nice side effect of this is that the source code serves as a further means to assist people learning to code.

Article source: Code Combat

Image source: codecombat.com

4. SEO

Google Restores Rap Genius After Search Engine Ban


Attempts to manipulate Google’s search ranking algorithm aren’t looked upon too fondly by the tech behemoth who recently removed massively popular rap lyric site Rap Genius completely from their search results. After a frantic scramble to reverse their actions Rap Genius are now officially back. Perhaps they will use some of that “genius” in future SEO strategies…

Article source: Yahoo

Image source: eminemitalianblog.it


5. Online Commerce

Zynga Testing Bitcoin Payments For Games


Zynga – makers of the ridiculously popular Facebook game Farmville and others – announced their intention this week to use Bitcoin as a payment means. After a lull in value towards the end of last year, news like this will likely re-invigorate the controversial digital currency which experts predict could be worth somewhere in the region of $10,000 per coin by the end of 2014.

Article source: CNN

Image source: mashable.com

Online Xmas Sales Up By 19.2% Compared To Last Year


The high street continues to suffer in the wake of the internet as bad weather in Britain encourages the public to shop from home.

Article source: Guardian

Image source: lerablog.org

6. Code

JavaScript Face Substitution


A slightly unnerving but hugely impressive face substitution plugin was causing waves in developer circles this past week. The plugin allows users to speak over webcam whilst remaining anonymous using the faces of the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Rihanna. Nifty!

Article source: GitHub

Demo: Imgur

Image source: designcollector.net

Follow The Moon


Ever wanted to track the moon’s motions from the comfort of your web browser in glorious 3D? Well look no further than Moon Phaser, providing real time moon tracking statistics made with WebGL and Three.js.

Article source: Moon Phaser

Image source: planetsforkids.org

Let Gremlins Stress Test your Apps


There are loads of test suites to help spot potential bugs in your code but this is the first JavaScript library we’ve come across that will stress test your website by simulating mass usage from users. It also has the coolest initiation line yet: gremlins.createHorde().unleash() !

Article source: GitHub

Image source: coed.com

Grunt vs. Gulp Part 2


Last week’s post mentioned the newly released task runner Gulp’s efforts to carve a slice of the market for itself and dethrone the ubiquitous Grunt. This past week has seen the battle rage on.

Article source: Pony Foo

Image source: voltsdigital.com.br

7. Social Media

Facebook Axe Controversial “Sponsored Stories” Adverts

Facebook's new 'Create Post' button
After much criticism and controversy Facebook finally agree to axe their “sponsored stories” ads. These ads featured Facebook users endorsing a particular product or service to their friends. 2014 will likely see some big shake-ups for the social media giant who have come under criticism for watering down the intended audience of brand page posts amongst other things. The first new Facebook addition of the year for brands comes in the form of a ‘Create Post’ button that administrators will now see in the top bar as they scroll down the profile page.

Article source: Huffington Post

More Value For Advertisers In Pinterest Than Facebook?


As competition between Social Media sites increases, research reveals that brand engagement and other desirable advertisement based activities on Facebook is down considerably whilst other sites like Pinterest are experiencing the opposite. 2014 will be an interesting year for social…

Article source: Digital Trends

Image source: apptha.com

And that’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed this instalment, we’ll see you all next week!

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