D&W’s News From Around the Web – Jan 2014 Week 3

Another eventful week saw news of Windows 9, Nokia’s new Android device leaked, 3D printing supported for Photoshop, as well as big things predicted for Bitcoin in 2014… and these were just the tip of the iceberg from this week’s news. So, buckle up and settle in for another week in review from D&W.

1. Tech

Consumer Electronics Show 2014 Review

ces-2014-reviewWe’re a big fan of the over the top excessiveness of CES and this year’s show did not disappoint. Virtual reality headsets, Android in-car technologies and awesome gadgetry are just a few of the highlights from this year’s show.

Article and image source: Ars Technica

Nuthin’ But A Beat Thang – Beats Music Streaming Service Announced

beats-streaming-serviceThe online music streaming service industry is bracing itself for a new market entrant as Beats – the huge fashion / headphone manufacturers – attempt to muscle in on the likes of Spottify and Pandora’s territory. And with the might of industry heavyweight Dr Dre behind the company, expect big things from Beats in 2014.

Article and image source: Wired

Windows 9 Announced

windows-9-announcedWindows 8 launched to a mixed reaction from the public who on the whole appeared resistant to a desktop OS geared towards touch. Windows 9 looks set to address the balance between mobile, tablet and desktop and will likely be a pivotal release for Microsoft.

Article and image source: The Next Web

Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

google-buys-nestJust when you thought Google may finally have their hands full with the huge array of technological interests they already have invested in, they pull another out the bag, now dipping their techy toe into the connected energy device market with a $3.2 billion takeover of Nest.

Article and image source: Tech Crunch

Coolest Things In Technology To Come In 2014

coolest-things-in-technology-in-2014Visits into space for the public are just one of the amazing things technology looks set to make a reality in 2014. CNN dons its astronaut helmet and takes a look at what’s incoming in 2014.

Article and image source: CNN

Adobe Adds 3D Printing Support To Photoshop

photoshop-3d-printingThe world has only just scratched the surface of the potential that 3D printing brings. Food and firearms are just two of the most recent products to be successfully printed in 3D. Helping to realise the potential of this amazing technology are Adobe, whose ubiquitous Photoshop software has just announced 3D printing support. Hurrah!

Article source: Computer World

Image Source: slashgear.com

2. Mobile

Nokia Announce Android Normandy


When a huge Windows OS based mobile manufacturer announce a handset using a competitor’s Operating System, the world sits up and takes notice. If you can’t beat ’em…

Article source: Forbes and The Next Web 

Image source: The Next Web

3. Web

Robots Communicate And Learn Through Their Own Internet


Robots are no longer a product reserved exclusively for the future. Our robotic friends now appear to be following in our footsteps, sharing information and content over their own version of the world wide web.

Article and image source; BBC

Google Loses High Court Bid To Stop ‘Secret Tracking’ Legal Action


Google – attempting to sidestep a lawsuit over privacy and data collection concerns, citing their location as a mitigating factor – have, well… failed. An interesting case that may well affect the tech giant’s approach to data collection in the future.

Article source: Tech Updates

4. SEO

Stop Wasting Your Time With Content Marketing


Content, content, content. The holy trinity of SEO in 2014. Yet is a strategy geared towards content misplaced?Article and image source: Marketing Zen

Before A Redesign… SEO Essentials 


How a website redesign can affect your SEO and how to prevent against such potential ranking based problems. Interesting article from Econsultancy.

Article source: Econsultancy

Image source: Noupe.com

5. Online Commerce

Big Things Expected For Bitcoin In 2014


Digital currency Bitcoin continues to make the headlines in 2014. Expect the controversial currency to roll with the punches thrown by the detractors and further strengthen its position as the year progresses.

Article and image source: Tech Updates

Target’s Data Breech Affects 110m People


Huge US based retail chain Target recently suffered a huge data breech in an apparently ‘carefully orchestrated’ hack attack. The true extent of the attack is only now becoming apparent.

Article and image source: CNET

Point-Of-Sale Malware Infecting Target Found Hiding In Plain Sight


Further to the data lost in the breech, it appears that malware placed into Target’s computer systems during the attack has permeated through to their store based point-of-sale systems. Scary stuff!

Article Source: Ars Technica

Image Source: USA Today

6. Code

Web Scraping Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


Thought scraping content from other websites was hard? Think again. Sit back and watch this wonderful demo video by Kimonlabs and prepare to be amazed.

Website: Kimonolabs

Image source: Blog.scraperwiki.com

Getting Started With WebP


Google’s Web P image format attempts to address the issue of page load speeds that traditional image formats represent. Here’s a great intro guide for any newcomers.

Article source: Team Tree House

Image source: Railsware.com

Read Text From Images With JavaScript


Yes you read that right. Load in an image with text and have the text extracted out for you. Amazing!

Article source: Github

Image source: Guidingtech.com

7. Social Media

Why We Heart It Could Be The Next Big Thing


We Heart It are the new kids on the block in the world of social media. This article explains why 2014 just may be their year.

Article source: Mashable

Image source: Simplify360.com

60 Big Social Events Coming Your Way


Social continues to march onwards in its quest for ultimate ubiquity. Keep up to date with the big events in this year’s social calendar with Mashable.

Article and image source: Mashable

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