D&W’s News From Around the Web – Jan 2014 Week 1

Welcome to D&W’s new weekly roundup of web related events from around the globe. Each week we’ll be taking a look at new developments in mobile, e-commerce, technology, the web, SEO and anything else of interest, linking you to the stories that matter. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Technology

The Latest In The Google Vs. Microsoft Battle:


After Microsoft’s surprisingly aggressive anti-Google stance of recent months – a slew of TV and radio adverts highlighting Google’s apparently lax attitude towards privacy and their ‘Scroogled’ website complete with a range of anti-Google merchandise (including mugs and T-shirts) being the highlights – Google may have just got one over on their competitor, as sales of their budget priced Chrome book (prices start from $199) over the Xmas period rocketed and proved to be the first and third best-selling laptops on Amazon.

Article source: CNN
Image source: gadgets.ndtv.com

Tech Giants Scramble To Join The Motor Industry:


It seems as though all the big tech companies are jostling with one another to grab a slice of the automotive industry pie. Apple are the latest to jump on the bandwagon showing their intent to be amongst the companies pioneering the next generation of road cars.

Article source: Forbes
Image source: online.wsj.com

Android Set To Feature Heavily In Motor Industry Future:

Further car related developments unfolded this week as Google announced an alliance with Audi, GM and other manufacturers to integrate their Android Operating System into future cars. With the direction and speed at which this kind of technology is headed, expect to look back at these times of manually driven cars ten years down the road (forgive the pun) and wonder how we ever put up with such primitive automotive facilities!

Article source: The Verge

Does The NSA Have A ‘Quantum Super Computer’ Aiding Their Online Surveillance?


The internet was awash with reports this past week of the National Security Agency’s use of a secret super computer to crack encryption, enabling them to snoop on whomever they please. For a supposed covert agency, they do seem to struggle to keep these kind of things under wraps. Cheers Ed!

Article source: Wired
Image source: thetechgets.com

2. Mobile

NVidia’s Android-Bound New Mobile Graphics Card Announced:


Nvidia – the PC gaming graphics chip giants – announced their new 192 CUDA-core Tegra K1 chip this week, destined for Android devices and home entertainment systems. The mobile chip is purported to provide superior graphics to those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is three times as fast as the equivalent graphics chip used by Apple in their iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Impressive.

Article source: BBC
Image source: androidpolice.com

Apple Deny ‘Backdoor’ Hackable Exploit In iPhone:


The NSA just can’t seem to stay out of the news at the minute. After reports they use a ‘backdoor’ entrance to gain access to iPhone handsets – essentially giving them carte blanche to access any data on any iPhone – Apple responded this week by denying any involvement with the NSA and that such an exploit exists. Who do we believe in all this? We’ll let you be the judge.

Article source: Telegraph
Image source: cryptophoneaustralia.com

2013 Mobile Sales Figures Round Up:


The first mobile news report of the year wouldn’t be complete without a roundup of sales from the end of the previous year. December 2013 saw Android gain on iOS in the battle of the mobile devices, but Apple still remain out in the lead. We’re looking forward to seeing how Apple attempt to combat the irrepressible rise of Android in 2014.

Article source: Latino Post
Image source: extremetech.com

3. Web

Browser Wars Update – IE11 Proves Hit With Users:


Microsoft’s recently launched Internet Explorer 11 browser has proven to be a hit with users and now, two months after launch, accounts for nearly 11% of worldwide browser use. The much derided browser has received considerable upgrades for its eleventh iteration and may kick start a resurgence in its popularity.

Article source: The Next Web
Image source: microsoft.com

What Changed In Web Design In 2013?


Unsurprisingly, catering to mobile took centre stage for web design in 2013. Responsive design matured, evolving along with a plethora of web technologies and tools for designers and developers alike.

Article source: Side Project
Image source: kreativekicks.com

The Next Generation Of Online Article:

2013 saw the emergence of a new, interactive newspaper / magazine article style utilising a multitude of HTML5 and CSS3 related technologies to enhance the way in which stories are told online. The New York Times were perhaps the biggest exponent of this exciting new journalistic style.

Article source: New York Times

Net Magazine Awards Just Around The Corner:


The annual .(dot) Net magazine awards are almost upon us again, in which designers, developers, apps and an assortment of web based technologies are pitted against one another to find which has had the best year in 2013 and which promises the most in 2014. You can vote for your choices using the link below.

Article source: Net Magazine
Image source: creativebloq.com/net-magazine

4. SEO

Biggest Search Engine Ranking Factors 2013:


2013 saw some rather drastic changes to the way we approach Search Engine Optimisation with the emphasis shifting from backlinks to content. Here are the most important ranking factors from 2013.

Article source: Search Metrics
Image source: thedrum.com

Mobile And SEO In 2014:


With the continuing shift away from desktop browsing towards mobile, ensuring your site is well optimised for any device is of key importance for website owners as we embark onwards into the new year.

Article source: Search Engine Watch
Image source: higherinvisibility.com

5. Online Commerce

Xmas 2013 Sales Round Up:


There were winners and losers in this year’s Christmas online sales battle. Amazon incredibly shipped 426 items per second on Cyber Monday whilst retailer Debenhams saw a huge drop of around £30 million in sales from last year’s Christmas period.

Article source: Twenty Six Digital
Image source: accountancyage.com

M-Commerce Explodes

2013 saw M-Commerce (Mobile) sales rocketing – further cementing the importance of a strong mobile web presence in 2014 for retailers.

Source: E-Consultancy

6. Code

Facebook React Makes An Impact:


Facebook’s React development framework continues to generate considerable interest and momentum in developer circles as it attempts to rethink the way we develop for the front end.

Article source: JS Conference
Image source: facebook.github.io

React Website

AngularJS Goes From Strength To Strength:


2013 was the year of the front end framework and leading the pack by some distance in terms of popularity was Google’s AngularJS. At the end of 2013 an excellent learning resource for developers was launched covering all things Angular.

AngularJS Website
Image source: programming-free.com

Gulp.js – The Stream-based Alternative To Grunt:


2013 saw developers increasingly turn to automated task runners to build and deploy their web systems and the overwhelmingly popular Grunt.js led the pack. Towards the end of the year Gulp.js was launched with a more modular approach and looks set to explode in 2014.

Gulp.js Website
Image source: gulpjs.com

Hope you enjoyed this roundup, see you next week for the next installment!

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