D&W's Top 5 Tips For Email Marketing

Our top 5 tips for email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels when it comes to communicating with your customer base. Whether you are hoping to share a special promotion with your users, update them with your latest news, rekindle the lost flame of a specific customer, drive sales or share your industry knowledge – email marketing is the perfect tool to put yourself in front of the right customer, in the right way, at the right time. However, it is vital to ensure that you are well prepared with the right approach, content and design.

1. Data Driven Decisions

Relevancy is key.

Tracking user activity is one thing, but segmenting and targeting users according to their clicking activity is another thing entirely. You must ensure every link within your email is categorised according to your requirements, allowing you to target your customers with additional specialist emails tailored to their areas of interest.

Question: Are your customers drawn to a certain type of link? (ie. Men’s clothing, Aftershave etc) If so, use this information to send these customers an extra tailored personalised email full of the products you know they are interested in! As a brand, you”ll receive bonus points for personalising the email and making them aware that you are interested in them specifically and showing that you”ve singled them out for special treatment.

It’s imperative that any data collected via your website sign up form or social media is adequate for your purposes. By and large, the first time you collect information from a customer is when they are the most engaged, so take the opportunity to collect relevant data to ensure you can be ultra-specific in selecting the right content for them. It’s important not to overdo it, as some customers may be put off signing up if they’re confronted with too much information.

2. Subject Line Optimisation

It’s no use making your email content look good if no-one opens it!

Your average customer will be receiving tens of emails per day from all manners of rival businesses, trying to ensnare their interest. Most of these emails go unopened, or at the very least, scanned and quickly closed in order to clear out the mailbox. More often than not, a customer will decide to open an email purely because the subject line is enticing, after all, they don’t have much else to go on aside from your company name. Give your customers a reason to open your email. Make your subject line about the customer, not about you. ‘Amazing offers just for you’ rather than ‘Our amazing new offers’.

An interesting subject line is the most important reason for opening email on your mobile phone, while saving time is least important –STEEL. “Are your emails ready for mobile devices?” (2012)

Interestingly, personalised subject lines such as ‘John, Save 50% on X’ don’t necessarily yield positive results. In fact, a recent study by MailerMailer saw that personalised subject lines performed significantly worse casino online than non-personalised ones.

Take a look at this infographic from Litmus based around subject lines, here.

3. Mobile Responsive Email Template

Deliver optimised emails to all your subscribers.

With the recent boom in smartphones, it is important to think about the device your audience will be using to view your emails. There is no point sending a content heavy email to a user who is likely to be picking it up “on-the-go” with their mobile without all that awkward pinching and sideways scrolling. The solution to this = a mobile responsive email template, allowing your emails to dynamically adapt to the device they’re being viewed on.

As a rule, we love to run off one template and so we ensure that this will be responsive to any device.


Think outside of the box and integrate other areas of the business, for example if you have a mobile app, this is the perfect opportunity to utilise mobile-only content and push users to download it.


41.09% of emails are opened on a mobile operating system or device. – Knotice (2013)

4. Images-off Optimisation

48% of your recipients will not see images turned on by default. A significant amount of that 48% either won’t bother or won’t even know how to enable images. So, what’s the workaround?

Baring this in mind, you must consider how each email looks without the images – does it still look good and does it communicate the message effectively? Use a healthy balance of images and HTML text to guarantee your message doesn”t go unnoticed and maintains its hierarchy regardless of image blocking.

5. Launch Time Optimisation

Know your market, analyse the trends.

Making a simple consideration about the day on which you send your emails may make a big improvement on your open and click through rates. For example, B2B organisations may find it more beneficial to send marketing emails during work hours, whereas B2C organisations may find it works best to send emails during the commuter period. Dependent on the type of service offered, this time may vary even more. An organisation selling to tradesmen for example may find this to be best very early in the morning … It’s all a matter of trialling and testing.

Whether you are already doing email marketing or you are just about to test the waters, we hope these simple tips help you to build a successful strategy that not only provides customers with great emails but brings you great results too.

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