e-Retail Benchmarking System by IMRG


As an established and trusted Digital Consultancy, we have a variety of partnerships and memberships with some of the industry’s top organisations. One of these organisations is the IMRG.

The IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) is the UK’s industry association for e-retail. Recently the IMRG launched a new tool “The IMRG Benchmarking System“. This brilliant dashboard service gives you a unique view on your market performance.

IMRG Benchmarking System

What does the benchmarking tool do?

The tool tracks your website traffic every day so that you can see critical trends in your key metrics like Unique Visitors, Average Order Value etc. But, in addition to your own data, you are able to benchmark these metrics against other retailers who are in a similar market to you. It’s anonymous, totally secure, and it wont slow down your website or affect your user’s experience.

Who can use it?

If you’re an IMRG Member:

If you are already a Retail member of IMRG, then the great news is that the e-Retail Benchmarking System is included as part of your membership package. Simply click on the green ‘try it now’ button below for more details and to find out how to get started.

Non-Members 6 Month Free Trial:

If you are not an IMRG Retail Member, you can still gain access to this new benchmarking tool by benefiting from a free trial period before deciding on whether or not to join their Retail Membership. 6 month free trial details.

Try it Out


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