Happy St George’s Day

Today, April 23rd 2013, is a big day on two accounts … D&W’s George Ioannou is currently in the USA for the world’s best digital marketing event, iStrategy. Whilst back in England, it’s St George’s Day!

Digital & Wise love creativity (and sometimes a bit of mischief) so we merged them both together and the result was what we can only describe as, well, @georgeioannou slaying dragons.

If you’re at iStrategy Miami and you spot George, make sure you stop and say hi.

Although the dragon slayer is most definitely a lighthearted joke, he is in fact a 4th Dan martial artist!!! Not sure whether to believe us? Read his Twitter bio or even better go ask him to show you some moves!!

Let’s continue the celebrations … get your photo taken with @georgeioannou this St George’s Day at #iStrategy and tweet your favourites to @digitalandwise.

Original image by Google Doodle. Fun adaptations made by D&W

Original image by Google Doodle. Fun adaptations made by D&W

We loved it so much we had a little fun on Photoshop but the full credit for the original image goes to Google. To view the original image along with other Google Doodles, please click here.

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