HTML5 ContentEditable

We have all heard about HTML5, it is receiving a lot of attention and rightly so. Work began on HTML5 in 2004 and it is still under development, currently in the “Working Draft” stage of the W3C recommendation process but there are many new and exciting features that we can take advantage of already.

Some of the new elements, attributes and features that HTML5 introduces have received a lot more attention than others, this blog is about a new attribute that perhaps hasn’t received so much attention that I’m am excited about!

<p contentEditable=’true’ > Here’s how you use it </p>

contentEditable is a brand new attribute, available in HTML5 that can be added to your HTML tags making your elements content editable by the user via their browser.

The attribute is supported in all major browsers (IE9, FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera).

So what can it be used for?

I’ve been experimenting with contentEditable a little recently and it seems to work brilliantly (some interesting results if you try it out with tables). The potential for editing content live on a page should mean some exciting developments, personally I’m hoping to see it being used to add some really interesting new functionality to popular Content Management Systems.

It should be fun watching how designers and developers take advantage of this new feature when creating websites and web apps going forward.

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