If At First You Don’t Succeed …Test, Test and Test Again

I often get asked questions like “How could I improve my conversion?” “Why aren’t people clicking through to this page?” “Which button style works best??“.  A while back I would have had to answer these questions with an assertive and confident tone starting with “In my experience…“, however, today this just isn’t the case! My approach to eCommerce design and usability has become far more analytical and measured rather than counting on experience and personal judgement to make a decision. I use a tool which will measure and test my ideas and designs and then report on their effectiveness.

This technology and tool kit is multivariate testing. “Multi what??” I hear you asking. Multivariate testing is a method that allows us to split live traffic across a number of variations and factors to see which worked best. Multivariate testing enables you to test many variations simultaneously. For example, we could test different home page messages,content, we could change the colour of buttons and their labels or completely change a checkout path’s layout. These could have a significant impact on your conversion goals and show which variation gave an uplift.

By testing theories and designs through a multivariate tool we can review and see results to support whether an idea works without having to go through the lengthy and costly process of design and development implementation on a whim. The speed in which we can deploy the multivariate test has allowed us to be reactive and agile, a test can be implemented in as little time as 5 minutes.

Obviously, in the case of most marketing and development tools your results dramatically increase with the more effort you put into its use. If you put the effort and time into planning and using the tool you’ll see results which will surpass and exceed any expectation. We understand how placing yet another tool within the suite of marketing tools already in your organisation can be a hair raising thought and very time consuming, and with this in mind we offer a full managed solution.

Digital and Wise will implement the multivariate tool on your website(s) and consult with your organisation to understand your goals, perceived weaknesses and how you would like to progress the online channel. Then through consultancy, the multivariate team at D&W would create a list of potential tests suggestions which once approved get placed into the tests. Our team will then manage the tests finishing with a report on the results and detail our recommendations going forward. This ensures you have a service which continuously pushes your goals and demands that your conversion rate increases all the time.

We pride ourselves in providing continuous uplift and growing your online business. The dramatic increase on conversion which you will see from our managed solution can provide a very fast ROI and is often enough to pay for the tool and managed solution.

If you don’t want to be left behind, and want to find out more about multivariate testing please get in touch – we’d love to arrange a demonstration and give you some hints and tips on how to increase your conversion.

For more details on what multivariate testing is all about and to read more about the SiteSpect tool please visit our Multivariate Testing page.

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