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Content marketing has become a huge part of our digital lives and 2014 is predicted to be another year ruled by the content marketing kings.

Sharing has become caring especially when it comes to our content. There is so much content out there and it’s not always about creating fresh and unique content, it’s about understanding what is relevant and sharing that in the right way with your audience.

New: Google’s Image Usage Rights Update

This week, Google have announced a helpful little search function within their Google Images page that will allow us to now sort images by licencing rights – a great start to 2014. Yesterday, Google’s Matt Cutts posted this to his Twitter page:

Google Image Search

If you’ve ever antagonised over whether or not you should be using certain images within your site, blog, social media or other documentation – this will definitely benefit you! Now you’ll be able to find reusable content and be able to sleep at night.

Google Support breaks down the different usage right options as follows:

Image Usage Right Options

Visit Google’s Advanced Image Search page: here. Alternatively, on Google you can select ‘Images’ > ‘Search tools’ > ‘Usage Rights’ and select the relevant drop down option.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

There is no shame in sharing other people’s work or findings. It is far more important that you offer relevant, quality and interesting information to your market over unique and fresh. However, when you do use a piece of work created by someone else please make sure you recognise the original source/author alongside it. In some cases you may also be required to contact the author to ask permissions to use it. Remember to show respect to others and you will receive their trust in return.

Protecting Your Content

There are various ways that you can protect your content. Some of the more obvious choices are watermarks to images, presentations and other visual assets and of course adding copyright signs to your text.

Google statementOriginal image and further information can be found here.

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