Interview with Youtse Sung, Marketing Manager at EPiServer

Interview with EPiServer's Youtse Sung

Digital & Wise recently interviewed Youtse Sung, Marketing Manager at EPiServer. Youtse joined EPiServer three years ago to set up the first marketing department outside of their headquarters in Sweden and this is what Youtse says about the world of digital …

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘girl geek’ so I jumped at the chance to work for a tech company. EPiServer is a web content management and e-commerce software provider and my job is to make sure we have a constant supply of quality leads through marketing campaigns spanning across PR, content, events and online.

1.What does your typical day look like?

As a software provider we focus a lot of our effort on thought leadership to educate our target audiences on new digital trends and the benefits of using our software. My daily activity can range from reviewing incoming leads with the sales team, talking to the product team about positioning and messaging through to executing online campaigns and drafting content briefs.

2. What did you hope to be when you were younger?

I wanted to make films so I studied media for my undergraduate degree. But then I realised I was more interested in the business side of filmmaking than the creative side, so I went into marketing which I think is a good blend of business and creative!

3. Why do you love ‘digital’?

I think it’s because it helps me to discover. It all started from age 13 when the internet came into my life. I was thrilled by the novelty of connecting with people from around the world, the buzz of having limitless information at my fingertips, and Google Maps did more than anything to get me hooked on technology.

4. What’s your biggest challenge within digital?

Like any digital marketers, my biggest challenge is to bring together the customer experience across channels and stand out in a crowded marketplace. There’s so much noise out there and everyone is bombarded by marketing messages everywhere they look. That’s why we want to focus on getting the content right and producing something useful, and that requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

5. What digital strategies have you used to get your brand out to the market?

Content marketing is our main way of getting our brand out to market. We believe that providing valuable and useful information to our target buyers is the most important thing. The rest like email, events, online advertising will only work if we have something meaningful to say. As a B2B business, we are working to refine our lead nurturing process through marketing automation continuously to improve our chances of conversion.

6. What’s exciting you?

The single most exciting thing about the world of digital is the pace of change, nothing stands still and everyone have to keep learning and discovering new things. In my view to the quest towards single customer view and automation is where the market is heading, and as a software provider it’s an area that we need to keep tabs on.

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done’

7. How do you measure the success of digital?

It’s always a quantity vs quality game. Whilst I’m being judged on the amount of leads and traffic generated, my focus is on lead to opportunity conversion, % of marketing contribution to sales pipeline and opportunity to closed business achieved.

8. What were your favourite tools of 2013?

One of my favourite tools of 2013 is of course EPiServer! We’ve migrated our website to the latest 7.5 CMS and it has made my life much easier in terms of content update and improving user experience, simply because of the ease of use and full responsive design support.
And another area is CRM and data. We’ve done some work to upgrade our CRM and integrate it with our website and sales process, which makes it much easier to keep tracks of the leads and opportunities that we are working on and be able to better understand the impact of marketing.

9. What are your top tips for others in the industry?

10. How do you stay up to date with the industry and latest technology?

Subscribing to industry newsletters, lots of reading and get talking with the product management team. Every now and then I will try to go out with the sales team or listen into their calls to get an understanding of what kind of challenges our customers are facing too.

11. What do you enjoy most about your job?

The pace of change in technology keeps me interested and certainly the people. As a Swedish company we have a very strong family culture at work. Although we’re now operating across Europe, US and Asia Pacific the company managed to keep the family feel going and having really dedicated people. It’s a friendly workplace that you can count on the senior management to make your tea in the morning!

12. What do you feel will be the future of digital?

The future of digital is real-time no matter which industry you are in. We’ve all become more demanding from the digital experience that we want to receive so the focus will be on experience that adapts to our needs in real time based on context. I think ‘touch’ will also play a key role in all future digital interaction – I bought my mom an iPad few years ago and she has become real tech savvy. It then struck me how she has surpassed the whole PC and keyboard thing and jump straight into touch, so it tells you how ease of use can be a real driver for tech adoption.

That concludes our Digital & Wise interview. For more from Youtse, follow her on Twitter: @YoutseSung

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