iStrategy Conference – Follow The Speakers on Twitter

Whether you”re attending the iStrategy digital marketing conference in The Hague this year or not, don”t miss out on what the speakers are saying. D&W have been busy and collated all the speaker handles on one Twitter list so that you can follow, tweet, encourage, question, connect and contact the speakers directly. Click here for the list.

You can either choose to subscribe to the list (which will allow you to follow all the latest tweets from the speakers without becoming a direct follower), or, alternatively you can scroll down the list and add all those that you wish to check out online casino and follow.

If you haven”t been able to attend the 2-day event this time round but are keen to hear what”s going on, come and follow @DigitalandWise for the latest news and live updates, or, if you”re lucky enough to be at the event it”d be great to chat over a coffee – just tweet us and tell us where you are and we”ll do our best to come over.

For more information on the wonderful iStrategy conferences or for a look at The Hague program online, visit the iStrategy site here.

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