iStrategy London 2012

This week three of the Digital & Wise team attended iStrategy in London (in fact I’m writing this blog waiting for the next session to begin).

It’s been a very insightful event where they have managed to round up some of the biggest brands and thought leaders all in one room. Unlike other events you actually get to spend time and talk with some of the speakers.

Some of the speakers represent: Tomtom, YouTube, Bloomberg, EMI, Facebook, Ford, GEGoogle, LinkedIn, McDonalds, and Redbull

At Digital & Wise we attend these events to stay in touch and in the know thought digital media, so when we consult and help you achieve your goals, we know it works. Obviously some of the budgets here differ form our client spends, but it’s our role to deconstruct the strategies and use elements which will work regardless of the budget spend.


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By 2018, 42.4% of world’s population will be plugged into the internet, with around 3.6 bn people able to access it at least once a month.