iStrategy Miami – Day 1

Our very own D&W founder George Ioannou has already covered over 4500 miles this week in order to take part in the Miami iStrategy conference that has been taking place over the past 2 days. The event is being held in the Double Tree Conference Centre, Miami Airport.

iStrategy is renowned for it’s ability to gather the most forward-thinking digital marketers and social evangelists from across the world to discuss the future of digital marketing and share strategies.

George has been busy collecting notes & tweets for us to share with you ….

Once again the iStrategy team pulled out a great Day 1 in Miami for the iStrategy event.

The day started with a keynote from our friend Ken Segall talking about the ‘Power of Simple’ and the lessons learnt from Apple. We learnt that whilst most companies unintentionally make communications complex, Apple makes complex communications simple!!

Here’s a great example: Dell has 42 types of laptop, HP has 49 models and Apple only has 6 models, but Apple makes more money than both combined!! #iStrategy

Simplicity = brains + common sense. No human being will choose a more difficult path, it’s instinct to go for a simpler path.

Ken explains more in his book ‘Insanely Simple‘ going deeper into how Steve Jobs’ passion for simplicity helped make Apple what it is today.

Power Of Simple

Another keynote came from Gary Tovar from Goldenvoice . Gary talked about how he started back in the day with old school flyer marketing. Although not a techie himself he appreciated how much social media and digital had a part in his music events taking off. His most popular being Coachella. (an annual three-day music and arts festival held in California but seeing global recognition).

Confidently, Gary told us how social media scales and spreads his communication whilst being highly cost effective. He no longer has to spend $300k on advertising and he benefits from being able to measure and attribute.

For anyone planning an event (*wink wink* iStrategy) he shares how in his experience countdown counters play an essential part in the build up. We’ll look forward to seeing this in Hague?!

Gary istrategy

Big data continued to get attention as the marketer’s next big priority as several presentations focused in on the theme and we’re hoping data is discussed more in day 2’s sessions alongside ROI and measurements.

The last keynote to highlight was Amy Maniatis from National Geographic. Amy talked about her passion for not only her role within the company but also a genuine passion for what National Geographic stands for. We hear brands preaching about how you must love your brand and your customer and Amy proved the perfect example.

With Day 1 closed, the attendees refreshed with closing drinks and some networking time. Alongside the networking and the drinking George Ioannou set aside time to interview some of the attendees for the iStrategy blog.

Later that evening stories and strategies were shared at the VIP dinner, whilst some delegates continued the networking and sharing in organised dinners of their own.

iStrategy conferences are fantastic. Full of opportunites to network, connect, learn and share and the quality of the speakers create a haven for anyone within the industry. Digital & Wise will continue to support, work with and attend events for the long term … We thoroughly recommend it!!  Looking forward to day 2.


For anyone unable to attend the Miami event why not tune in to the @istratbuzz and #istrategy hashtag to benefit from the key points and details and join in the conversation.

To learn more about the Miami event, speakers or topics visit the handy online program here and check out the future dates that are coming up in The Hague, San Diego, Melbourne and London 2013.

*The image used in our blog title was created by iStrategy and taken from the iStrategy website. It is the official hashtag used at every iStrategy event.

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