iStrategy Miami – Day 2

Day 2 of iStrategy literally took off where day 1 had left us…excited, engaged and energised. Which is not to be surprised given Mari Smith was the keynote! Mari Smith, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of a virtual introduction, is a Facebook marketing expert and social media leader. She kicked the day off with a talk on strategies, boosting Facebook results, putting content out organically and what content engages your followers.

Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house!

This time on hearing the quote, George added that “highly shareable content” is King – as is context. We always love seeing Mari up on the stage as she is a great communicator but not only that – she really does practise what she preaches (or rather practises what she tweets).

Umang Shah from Walmart then took to the stage to discuss smart social strategies. Did you know 2.2million people are employed at Walmart, and 2/3 of the population in the USA live within 5 miles of a store. There was real honesty when he admitted that even Walmart have had their challenges, and such is life, we learn from both our own and the mistakes of others but the key is to use it to strengthen and develop long-term success.

The panel discussions became a time to have questions on social media management and how to be a real time marketer answered. A variety of panelists shared their opinions, knowledge and experience with one another.

The afternoon continued with split streams and despite being in 1 of 4 rooms, it was great to keep an eye on all the best bits using the twitter feed which was buzzing with quotes, tips, links and thoughts.

istrategy miami tweet

Jason Falls, a social media explorer brought the day to an end on a high. He worked the audience very well and had a relaxed and welcoming stage presence with a mix of comedy – in fact at one point anyone who had Twitter (likely everyone) followed his lead and went over to the @charmin account to view their hilarious tweets.  It was the perfect end to a fantastic two days and a special note must be made for the event organisers who did such a great job!

The great thing is that iStrategy never ends after the event. The networking really begins when new social connections and hook-ups are made that continue well after the event, there is time to reflect on past tweets and the presentations and videos get uploaded to the site for anyone who wants a Take2 or missed out on any parts. Plus there is always the next iStrategy conference to look forward to!!!

If you are unable to attend the iStrategy conferences but love to be kept up to date, then keep following our @digitalandwise Twitter and Facebook accounts as we bring you the latest action.

PS. Watch out for The Hague – Digital & Wise will be there with another little treat for those who attend. At Miami we brought with us some popular Cadbury’s (British) chocolate and we have another surprise arranged for The Hague.

By 2018, 42.4% of world’s population will be plugged into the internet, with around 3.6 bn people able to access it at least once a month.
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