New Facebook Makeover Gets Rid of the Iconic Thumb

When you think of Facebook, what comes to mind? For most of us, the iconic thumb will be one of the first things that we associate with the popular social network but, not for much longer.

For years we waited for a thumbs down option to compliment the thumbs up, but instead it seems that the thumb will be canned completely. This will be the first makeover the like button has had since it launched in 2010 and will be replaced with the simple Facebook “f” logo (see image below). As part of the new makeover a Share button will replace the Send button, having all the functionality of the Send plus more. However, it is important to note that pages only displaying the Send button will be left with the Send option.

Like will allow people to post links to Facebook with just one click, whilst Share allows them to add a personalised message and customise their target audience before posting.

The design has been created for all languages, on all websites and in all browsers which of course is a pretty big task and has taken six months to complete. We’ll be seeing these changes happen globally over the coming weeks.

The official statement on the Facebook Developer Blog read:

Today, we’re introducing a new design for both Like and Share to help people share more great content across the web. We’re already seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares with the new design and will be rolling these buttons out to everyone in the coming weeks. If you are currently using the old Like button, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the new design as part of our roll out. We’ve also made it easy for you to include the Like and Share buttons side by side and the Share button by itself:

As the statement reveals, Facebook have kindly created an automatic upgrade, so for all those using these features on a website already you don’t need to worry – Facebook has it all in hand. Many will sigh with relief to know that no changes are required from the publisher side. However, for the advanced, you may wish to take a look at the additional settings and code available here.

Accessing analytics. Be sure to register your domain on Facebook Insights in order to see both the daily number of likes and the demographics on your domain. Helpful instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

The old design:

Original Facebook Like Feature

The new design:

Facebook New Like Feature

As you can see, the new feature will allow you to show the buttons separately and together, side by side, in different positions on the page. They stand out a lot more thanks to the bold colour and you can use the configuration tool to display these buttons in multiple styles. It is predicted that the new design will benefit businesses by increasing referral traffic to their websites, converting at a much higher rate than any other traffic.

With any kind of change it is hard to please everyone and predict how well it will be received but, overall, we are all thumbs up for the new design.

If you have any questions, we’d like to point you in the direction of this great best practice Facebook Sharing Checklist, FAQs and welcome you to share your thoughts with us.

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