Top 3 – Favourite Online Marketing Campaigns

This week in the office we have been talking about some of our favourite digital marketing campaigns. Here are three of our favourites. Have a read and let us know what your favourite marketing campaigns are and why!

The Blair Witch Project (Artisan Entertainment)

With a budget of $22,000 the Blair Witch Project theoretically had no right to be the huge success it was. So how is it that a film with such little commercial and financial backing, managed to rake in over $250million at the box office?

This was achieved through a carefully and cleverly crafted online marketing plan. By planting rumours on online message boards (Link Building) they were able to convince their audience that this fictional story of three students going missing, was 100% real. Constant blogging, YouTube videos and a relentless social media campaign helped build the Blair Witch legend months before the film was even released making it arguably the first viral marketing campaign.

“Yes We Can” (Barack Obama)

Let’s go back to early 2007, George Bush was the president of the United States and Barack Obama was a US senator who was unknown to mainstream politics and had less than 10% brand recognition. 18 months later, with more than a little help from an ingenious online marketing campaign and Barack Obama was well on his way to the White House.

Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign helped him raise more money than any other presidential candidate in US history. It was also the first election campaign that featured social media at the of it. Barack Obama dominated the social media platforms throughout the rigorous election and it was huge factor in his election win. With 2.5million fans on Facebook and 20million views on YouTube he was able to win enough votes to beat his opponent John McCain (625,00 Facebook fans) to become the 44th President of the United States.

The Best Job In The World (Queensland Tourism)

Close your eyes and imagine this is your job. You are paid $150,000 a year to stay in a top hotel for 6 months, with your only responsibility being to tour the islands of the Great Barrier Reef as caretaker and blog about your experiences. Sound too go to be true? Well in 2009 the Tourism Queensland held a once in a lifetime competition to land the “Best Job in the World” with all of the above included. The campaign attracted over 600,000 applicants and its message gave people the feeling that whatever they were doing at the time, it isn’t as good as this.

All Queensland Tourism had to do was produce a video (see below) consisting of golden beaches, clear blue seas, big fish, the voice of Toby Stephens and they were away. Using social media the video soon caught the attention of the world and had hundreds of thousands of people flocking to apply.

Now it’s time for you to tell us what your favourite campaign has been and why!

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