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Profitable Pinning

Profitable, professional and productive are now all words that we can confidently use when we talk about Pinterest for business. What’s changed? Pinterest are now offering Pinterest Web Analytics to all business accounts.

Pinterest impressed by sharing this news directly with all their business customers this week. In a time when brands are clearly becoming more and more focused on data it seems like Pinterest may have just acted in time to start leveling the playing field of social media once again. Insights are nothing new in the world of social but for Pinterest, it opens a whole new opportunity for marketers to identify and appreciate the impact Pinterest has on their performance and provides a solid reason to get more involved and adapt strategies that can be proven to work. Every social network is evolving and making enhancements and Pinterest is no different. The interesting thing is to consider what this will lead to. It indicates the possibility of future advertising and ‘promoted’ pins as well as the potential to harness in on purchasing via a pin.

The site metrics page will be made up of 4 visual graphs measuring the pins, repins, impressions and clicks. With analytics you will be able to find out how many people are pinning from your website, seeing your pins and clicking your content. The blue line on the graph indicates the actions and the orange line shows the people behind those actions. Another useful part of the tool is that you can choose your required timeframe via the calendar and the “quick select” options.  They’ve even been as thoughtful as to place several question mark points throughout the analytics that reveal further details and, even better, all this data can be exported to view in a .csv file.

What will this mean for your business? Well, the honest and detailed answer will depend on your specific business aims, but no longer will you be left to purely ‘pin by faith’ because data will be driving your decisions and strengthening your strategy. Whether you’re interested in transactions, branding or impressions you’ll now be able to measure what’s working and what needs changing, and, it’s free! Equally important is the potential future buying power. It’s interesting here to note comScore’s finding that “Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.” So surely if they do start a “buy-it” pin it’s got to be worth a go, well definitely now that you can measure the success!!

For a more detailed step by step on this new feature visit the helpful little video Pinterest very cleverly composed.  Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough.

So, are you motivated to convert and validate now that data can be used to drive your decisions? Here’s how:

Converting to a Pinterest business account:

Validating your website URL:

Accessing the analytics:

So here’s why and how, all that’s left is just to do!!
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