Romance Your Social Communities

Romance Your Social Communities

Love it or hate it it’s almost that time of year again, yup, Valentine’s Day has swiftly come upon us … a day renowned for flower buying, card giving, fine dining and a sweet scent of love in the air. Retailers love it, singletons hate it.

Fundamentally this week is all about relationship building and sharing the love so what better time of the year to capture this on your social network platforms! There is real value to making people feel appreciated and part of a community so is your brand acknowledging this? Social media is more popular than ever, in fact, as I type #socialmedia is trending on Twitter and no doubt Valentine’s will become a prominent hashtag this week also. Have you considered Valentine’s Day within your digital and social strategy?

It’s the perfect time to get people falling in love with your brand. Think about it, everyone has deep rooted desires to feel included and if lovey dovey posts have suddenly invaded their news feed it seems a perfect time to invest some love back into your customers life. No-one wants to feel isolated, especially on Valentine’s Day, and social could hold the key!!

Social networks are like relationships, they need nurturing, spicing up, attention, love and trust so here’s the perfect time to make sure you are capturing that as a brand.

Here are some simple suggestions of how to romance and engage your social communities:

  1. Offers for community members … Give your community members special privileges that others don’t have; like discounts, vouchers, sneak peeks, and insider news. People love getting perks and they’re more likely to spend if they feel there’s something in it for them.
  2. Spice up your cover photo or background photo  Making your social fun adds personality. Even if it’s a simple heart or cupid, it’s an inexpensive way to increase traffic and create a smile.
  3. Ask a question … Having your online community respond to a quiz or poll increases engagement, interaction and helps you instantly understand what your customer wants.
  4. Capture the email market … These days a huge number of e-cards are exchanged so why not send a virtual valentine to your loyal customer base and let them be your valentine.
  5. Run a competition … Facebook is a fantastic platform for launching competitions and mobilising your community to get active with your brand. People have a desire to win and be involved and competitions become great shareable content.
  6. Pinterest … Generate a board dedicated to Valentine’s Day bringing in gift ideas that you know your customers are bound to love. Sometimes buying gifts can be a stumbling block and by offering the top buys through social you will help increase your sales and awareness.
  7. Get your content shared … what perfect timing to ask your fans to do something in return for you, after all a good relationship is about two! Simply just ask them to share.

Instead of isolating and alienating people this Valentine’s Day, use it strategically to become the other half – ‘the valentine’!! It isn’t just dating sites that can benefit from online activity over this period – it’s available to us all. Make this Valentine’s memorable for both your customers and your brand!! Alongside upping your interaction and engagement across your social platforms remember to be well prepared to react and respond. Every business is different, you should have the ability to partake in some of the above points, what will vary is the level of it and the response needed.

If you have any success stories from your Valentine’s Day campaigns share them with us, we’d love to hear them. Or, if you’d like us to delve deeper into any of our points and discuss our social consultancy please call us on 0161 946 3851.

So, all that’s left to be said is HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from all at Digital & Wise.

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