Using web analytics data, Digital & Wise provides configuration, insights and metrics to guide your decision making, helping increase revenue and achieve your key online business objectives.



At Digital & Wise our creativity drives innovation. We have a wealth of experience in functional design required to produce real results with a return on investment.



We explore innovative ways to produce a great user experiences. Using the latest web technologies, we deliver solutions that meet modern web standards with emphasis on cross platform/device compatibility.


Digital Consultancy

Digital & Wise offers strategic support and advice throughout your digital channels. Having helped many clients to succeed online, we pride ourselves on our strong, lasting and transparent relationships.


Email Marketing

Email marketing within a brand’s digital activity increases sales and develops brand loyalty. We create email marketing campaigns which are compelling, relevant, strategically targeted and personalised.


Multivariate Testing

Running a successful online business is based on continually improving your site. Using MVT we can help to turn more visitors to customers and contribute to  significant increase in average order value.


Online Marketing

Planning and executing the correct online marketing strategy is more important than ever. Digital & Wise advises on a variety of traffic driving and conversion optimisation tactics to achieve your business goals.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC campaigns are a great tool for delivering instant traffic to a site. Our experts continually monitor and optimise campaigns to not only drive traffic, but to achieve a high return on investment.


Search (SEO)

Search engine optimisation enables businesses to be prominent within search engine results. Digital & Wise achieves this via keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building and content creation.


Social Media

Quantifying the results of a social media campaign has become an important topic within online marketing. Digital & Wise monitors and reports on a variety of indicators to measure social success.



Digital & Wise is a full service digital consultancy based in Manchester and London.

We help build and maintain digital channels through inspired design and strategic online marketing. Our role is to listen, generate solutions and to help you achieve your business objectives. Whether it’s strategic planning, advice, or an end to end project or an extra pair of hands through hectic periods; we are there to help and support at all times.

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