Email Marketing

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful way to communicate and engage directly with customers. In a world that is over populated by spammers it is vital that a brand is well prepared in how they approach it. Marketing is all about catching the customers’ attention at the right moment, making it important to consider every aspect of your campaign. We help you manage, create content and broadcast your marketing campaigns to accurately inform and uphold your brand.

Email marketing is a great way to re-activate dormant accounts; to segment and target specific audiences with relevant messages.

Email marketing can be used within a brand’s overall business objective to increase sales, aid customer retention and develop an affinity with the audience. In order to achieve this the email marketing campaigns require a compelling, relevant, strategic, targeted and personalised approach.

Whether you want us to take over the whole campaign from the production process, assistance in delivery, or help with specific elements of your campaign, we are flexible and will accommodate your specific requirements.

Done well, email marketing is a regular familar message from a favourite brand : Done badly, it is nothing more than spam … We help you get it right!

Asked who is the best at email marketing, UK consumers consider supermarkets to be Top.

[Source: DMA, October 2012]

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Strategic consultancy

Every business is unique, as is every marketing plan. We will work with you to understand how email marketing can have the greatest impact within your business. We will provide strategies that improve your open rates, CTRs and conversions over time and to have a direct impact on your return-on-investment.

Campaign management

Our email marketing consultancy can manage the whole process for you on your behalf. From strategy, design, production, and broadcasting, through to tracking the overall success of a campaign with analytics and reporting.

Broadcast tools

You need to make sure that the emails you send actually reach the recipients’ inbox. We are very conscious about the importance of deliverability to achieve response; traffic, purchases and enquiries. We have a multitude of tools which allow us to maximise the deliverability of your messages, achieving up to 99% of emails sent delivered.

Data integration

We can provide full data integration support and services that ensure your data is up to date and maximising the number of people reached. We can automate pulling data from your customer relationship managment system, your content management system, sign up forms and other data forms onsite.

Testing & optimisation

We are able to test and examine the influence of various factors within the email on your open rates, click through rates and ROI. We optimise the campaigns based on these results as the campaigns progress, allowing us to extract every last bit of value out of the campaign we can for you.

Data capture consulting

Data management is an important part of email marketing.  We support your data acquisition by suggesting solutions for effective data capture points within your website landing pages. We help you develop the most effective ways to grow your database; from targeted competitions, social signups and more.

To find out more, and talk regarding ways of working together, get in touch.