SiteSpect Optimization Exchange – SOX 2013

As the official Interactive Agency Partner for SiteSpect, D&W were invited to speak at this years SiteSpect Optimisation Exchange – SOX 2013. This amazing conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Four Day Testing Bonanza kicked off with a Welcome Reception in one of Boston’s swankiest hotels, the Nine Zero. This was the start of the meeting and kicked off by discussing testing ideas with some of the largest retailers in the USA, if not the world!!

Tuesday 17th September

The morning started at 8am for registration, check-in and breakfast where many continued discussions from the previous night. The keynote for that day opened with Rahul Todkar the Head of Marketing and Analytics for Intuit sharing a case study and testing strategies. Followed by a series of sessions from SiteSpect which were informative and thought provoking. Some of the talks closest to our hearts were “12 strategies for improving your conversion” by Kim Ann King, CMO for SiteSpect and “Worst practices in analytics and how to avoid them” by Paul Terry, a senior web optimisation consultant.

Other highlights of the day included Optimization Success Stories from Expedia and Trulia which were presented in partnership with Doug Cohen of SiteSpect.

Day 1 in true American style ended with dinner at a great steak house (Ruth’s Chris Steak House) where we spoilt ourselves with lobster, king crab and both ribeye and fillet steak! Wow.

Wednesday 18th September

After rolling out of bed from the excessive food and drink from the night before, the conference started in the same manner with a welcoming breakfast and Starbucks coffee. (By the way I don’t advise more than 5 cups of coffee in the morning, it sends your heart palpitating a little more than the UK coffee).

Myself, George Ioannou, Head of Agency for Digital & Wise, started the morning as the Keynote. We covered “Optimising your multivariate testing: Best Practices for success”. The talk was received well from our friends across the pond. We spoke of the way we pool our talent from digital and make this the centre of our testing service, giving examples and food for thought.

Later that day came an excellent talk on “Designing for mobile optimization” by Mirja Tague, a SiteSpect senior optimization consultant (I’ll leave the z’s in whilst it was an American based conference). We heard how many sites could do with optimization and testing and then how to go about it. D&W have had some success with optimizing mobile this year and therefore this is a topic we were looking forward to hearing more about.

Paul Bernier another senior SiteSpect optimisation consultant spoke on how everyone could create better targeting and optimization campaigns followed by Eric J. Hansen, (CEO), Rob Gant (Product Manager) and Iwo Kadziela (Product Manager) on discovering new uses for SiteSpect, some top secrets we aren’t going to get into on here 😉

This was then followed by a panel discussion moderated by Ara Pongratz (VP of Customer Operations and Success).

Another talk that was very informative was regarding “What’s new in SiteSpect and the Roadmap”, by Justin Bougher.

Thursday 19th September

The last day of the conference ended with optional workshops, which we found very informative and a great way to end the amazing SiteSpect SOX 2013 conference. The day was split into sessions the first being “Mapping your Data flow with SiteSpect” followed by “Maintaining Enterprise Standards with SiteSpect”. This was a technical overview of how SiteSpect works and is configured for optimization for clients websites.

The afternoon was covering beginner, intermediate and advanced regular expression. For those who know me, then yes, I did glaze over and begin to think I was in the wrong workshop. However Giuseppe Davies, Senior Developer for D&W seemed to love it and took away some key points.

That was the last part of this great, valueable and amazing conference which we were invited to be a part of. I’d like to thank SiteSpect for extending the invitation and asking us to participate, it was our pleasure.

If anyone would like to know more about this conference or indeed how multivariate testing can benefit your online presence please contact us on +44 161 946 3851 or use the contact form on our website.

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