Social Media Cake Pops by Nerdy Nummies

The ‘Social Revolution’ is growing quicker than ever and we know it’s been a busy week for those in the social sphere after the successful #engage2013 and #iStrategy Miami so we thought we’d bring you all a treat … a very tasty and social treat!!

Social media and cake pops have both made a big impact so far in 2013, so when we spotted this latest addition to the Nerdy Nummies page, made by the quirky and nerdy Rosanna Pansino. We knew instantly that we had to firstly share it with you and secondly make our very own.

It has to be the best YouTube baking tutorial I have ever viewed personally, and Rosanna is a wonderful example of how a bit of creativity and personality can go a long way.

I love social media and I love baking so this is something I just had to share…and I promise I’ll be tweeting the evidence of my very own cake pops inspired by this tutorial very soon!!

Video and image attribution goes to the wonderful Nerdy Nummies YouTube channel. We’ll certainly be tuning in for more nerdy baking tips in the future!!

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