The Results Are In From The UK’s First Social Media Scorecard

The DMA have announced the results from the UK’s first industry scorecard …

Social media has swiftly become one of the most popular online activities, for both brands and consumers, but which ones should we be concentrating our efforts on? This has been a question asked by many marketers over time and it seems that the DMA are responding to this and giving us some crucial answers. The UK’s first ever social media scorecard addresses the big factors such as usability, analytical tools, outreach and other relative qualities from the big platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

It might come as a slight surprise following its recent bad press, but Facebook came out on top overall. Twitter took the top spot for its effectiveness in building brand awareness and LinkedIn was highlighted as the best platform for its user targeting tools.

The DMA’s Social Media Council polled 171 UK marketers and asked them to mark each platform across three key areas; campaign planning, execution and post-campaign analysis. Each marketer gave marks out of 10 based on  their own user experience and marketing campaign results.

DMA Social Media Scorecard Findings

DMA Social media scorecard: Overall performance

The social media scorecard infographic can be found below, simply click on the image to zoom in for a closer look.

Social Media Scorecard 2014 infographic

D&W are proud to be official members of the DMA.

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