The UK’s Top 50 Online Retailer Ranking List

The latest IMRG comScore ‘Top 50 Retailer Ranking’ list has been released, measured on the volume of traffic to retail sites. The 3 big A’s (Amazon, Argos & Apple) have held on to their top positions, whilst supermarket giants Asda and Tesco have jumped in to the forth and fifth spots. Followed by fashion retailers Next and M&S …

Rank Logo
1 amazon Amazon UK
2 Argos Brand Argos
3 Apple Apple
4 Tesco Brand Tesco
5 Asda Brand Asda
6 Next Next
7 M&S Brand Logo Marks & Spencer
8 ASOS Twitter Logo ASOS
9 Netflix Twitter Image Netflix
10 National Rail National Rail
11 John Lewis Twitter Image John Lewis
12 Trainline Twitter Image
13 AVG Twitter Image AVG
14 B&Q B&Q
15 Debenhams Debenhams
16 Thomson Thomson
17 Expedia Expedia
18 EasyJet
19 Boots Boots
20 SportsDirect
21 Currys Currys
22 Ryanair Ryanair
23 Thomas Cook Thomas Cook
24 O2 Twitter Image O2
25 Ticketmaster Ticketmaster UK
26 New Look New Look
27 Very Very
28 Last Last Minute
29 Ikea Ikea
30 Sainsburys Sainsbury’s
31 Homebase Homebase
32 Travel Republic Travel Republic
33 River Island River Island
34 Premier Inn Premier Inn
35 On The Beach On The Beach
36 British Airways British Airways
37 Screwfix Screwfix
38 House of Fraser House Of Fraser
39 Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard
40 Halfords Halfords
41 eDreams eDreams
42 Littlewoods Littlewoods
43 PC World PC World
44 Wickes Wickes
45 Travelodge Travelodge
46 JD Sports JD Sports
47 Matalan Matalan
48 boohoo Boohoo
49 Cineworld Cineworld
50 national express National Express

The IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) is the UK’s industry association for e-retail. IMRG have recently launched a new tool called “The IMRG Benchmarking System“ which allows businesses to benchmark metrics against other retailers who are in a similar market. This brilliant dashboard service gives you a unique view on your market performance and just as the table above gives a clear indication of the positioning of the top performers, you too can get an idea of where you sit. For more details and a free 6 month trial:

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*The IMRG Retailer Ranking list is based only on transactional websites and as such excludes eBay, marketplace and price comparison / aggregator websites.

**Image Sources: Corresponding images for all of the mentioned retailers were taken from official Twitter avatars at the time of publishing.

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