Transforming Your Marketing Strategy : Post iStrategy Thoughts

As many of you will be aware, iStrategy came back to the UK with a mighty bang this week lighting up the world of social media with insightful conversations, hashtags, videos, images and plenty of debate focussing around this theme:

 “Digital Marketing is Dead: Long Live Marketing”

Twickenham Stadium, famously known as the home of England rugby, became a magnet for industry professionals from all around the world as 500+ delegates gathered to hear insights from top iStrategy speakers such as John Grant, Hamish Pringle, Dave Trott, BJ Cunningham and Oliver Snoddy.

The key to iStrategy is in the title. It is of course about strategy, but what sets it apart is the “i”. The conference is set up to empower you (the “individual”) and ensure that you leave with your head held high and full to the brim (literally) of insights.

Speakers share from personal experience, industry best practice and case studies to provide attendees with the knowledge, confidence and motivation needed to transform any marketing strategy.

My key takeaway from the iStrategy marketing event, London 2013:  For me, it was all about the birth of the new market! Despite the title, “Digital Marketing is Dead”, the whole conference was definitely alive and kicking! The title is alluding to the fact that marketing IS digital. The simplest way I can illustrate my understanding of this is to use the anatomy of the human body. We all know that the human body consists of lots of parts but it still only makes up one body – and that’s how we should now be thinking of marketing! Marketing being the body and the different channels of marketing being the parts (and I think we’d all agree that digital is at the heart, one of the vital organs, of course)! However, a body would never function if it was just one of these parts alone (ie the heart) because each part is formed to work in harmony with another.

Here’s our D&W top takeaway quotes from the event:

  1. “It’s just like a good meal: take the bits you like and leave the bits you don’t”. Words of wisdom from Dave Trott.
  2. A number of speakers discussed the importance of the “right message at the right place and the right time”.
  3. Service and M.O.T your marketing. Make it a requirement. Don’t just give it a test drive; “get under the bonnet” and understand how it works.
  4. Data isn’t big … it’s HUGE! And with it comes huge responsibility. “Don’t just hoard data” – optimise and maximise!
  5. Don’t under-value your customer. One active fan (a.k.a. an advocate) is better than 10 million inactive ones.
  6. “Love what you do, where you do it, who you do it with and who you do it for.” BJ Cunningham humbly shared with us his lessons on life .. “It is fear that holds us back..let love overcome fear and give life”.
  7. “Creativity is an incredibly powerful business tool that will help brands succeed and create better return”. Hamish Pringle and Dave Trott appeared to share our view on how valuable creativity is.

In true iStrategy style, iStrategists were encouraged to digitally enhance some song titles. Here’s our faves:

As the branding partners of iStrategy, Digital & Wise, proudly attended the event and hosted the iThink “Happy Hour” masterclass on multivariate testing (MVT). George Ioanou shared a short demo, presentation and preview look at the new MVT CMO Guide – soon to be launched by iStrategy, so keep your eyes out!

Thank you to all those who attended and visited our D&W stand and to the wonderful iTeam who put the event together. If you’d like to continue the conversation, or find out about our multivariate testing service (MVT), please get in touch with us on Twitter or by calling 0161 946 3851.

(Oh, and bonus points for all those that noticed the iStrategy bags were sponsored by yours truly, Digital & Wise.)

For more information on the iStrategy conferences please visit their website or be social and follow them on Twitter @iStratBuzz … “iStrategy is not dead: long live San Diego (21.11.2013)”.

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