Why We Love AdWords Editor.

The short answer to this is simply because it saves us time and makes things quicker & easier. Editor is a free application by Google, so there’s no reason not to give it a go. Here are some of the features we particularly like and use a lot.

Find Duplicate KeyWords
When managing very large accounts, it’s surprisingly easy to accidentally include the same keyword in a number of different AdGroups. Editor has a lovely little feature to quickly identify and deal with duplicate keywords. Not only can you view them all in a handy dashboard, you can view all the vital statistics and history including quality score, average cost per click and position to enable you to make a quick decision on which should stay and which should go. You can also delete or pause directly from this dashboard.
This is one of our favourite features, you can comment on a keyword (KW) or AdGroup / Campaign and then filter by comment. A great use for this is bid management. Date and comments when you have upped/downed bids giving the reason, then next time you want to check if KW’s are over / under costing you can filter out KW’s that have already been adjusted in the date range you are looking at. As well this, you also have a record of change you can look back on to help take further learning’s about your account.

Copy and paste between adgroups, campaigns and even accounts
This is a fabulous feature, which really is as simple as that, copy and paste! You could even copy and paste an entire campaign if appropriate, paste it into another account, and simply amend the details you need to amend to make it appropriate for your new account. This leads me nicely onto the next feature which will help with this.

Find & Replace
Say you’ve copied a campaign from one account to another, but want to amend the ads within the campaign. You can use the find and replace feature to find say “www.url1.co.uk” and replace it with “www.url2.co.uk”. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a spelling error that you’re concerned may be repeated in a number of ads, simply find “typo” and replace with “correct spelling” across the whole account.

Download to and upload from Excel
In some instances, it’s quicker and easier to work in excel, for example building out campaigns and amending ads. Say you’re having sale and you want to remove the worst performing ad in each adgroup and replace it with a sale ad. Simply download the ads to excel, use a formular to identify the worst performing ad in each adgroup (easier if you only have two ads per adgroup), separate the worst performing ads and re-upload them as paused then create the replacement ads and upload from excel.

There’s obviously many other features too, but these are the main ones that we find useful on a day to day basis, mainly because they vastly outweigh the features available within the AdWords platform itself.
If you’re not used to using it, give it a go, download this free tool and find your own way of working with it that works best for you. If you’d like help then just pick up the phone!

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