Make the Most of Your Email Marketing to Maximise Your ROI

Target your customers effectively with email marketing

One of the key components of success within a business (especially those serving through an online channel) is the formation and cultivation of customer relations. When these relationships are neglected, competing businesses prosper. Apathy can be costly; finding new customers requires more time, money and resources than sustaining relationships with current customers. Regular communication with your customer base is therefore paramount but must also be conducted in a way that is conducive to the goals, image and reputation of the brand.

There are multiple ways to reach out to your customers – personal visits, telephone calls and social media – but none of these are a silver bullet solution. The latter is reliant on the customer actively seeking out the business and returning regularly for news and updates, whilst the first two, although direct and personal, are impractical with a customer base of tens of thousands, and therein lies the appeal of email marketing because it facilitates regular and personal communication with a customer base of any size.

How Can Email Marketing Help You and Your Business?

Before proceeding, to demonstrate the potential benefits of email marketing, here are a couple of statistics derived from campaigns conducted by D&W in the past year. As a direct result of email marketing, our clients experienced on average an 82% increase in the volume of website traffic and enjoyed a 67% increase in profits. These figures explicitly illustrate the rewards to be reaped from a carefully orchestrated email marketing campaign. So how exactly do D&W achieve such impressive results?

1. Engage Your Customers

Email marketing allows a business to segment their customer base into categories based on all kinds of factors – age, location, interests, behavioural habits and more, which in turn allows them to target specific segments with specific goods and services that are relevant to their demographic profiles. The ability for a merchant of any description to be able to target customers who have previously shown interest in a particular brand, product or service, of a particular age group or are from a location that a product or service is most relevant to, is clearly a powerful selling tool and one which drastically increases the likelihood of sale conversions, as the statistics in the previous paragraph demonstrate.

2. Track All User Interaction

In order to compile and maintain customer segmentation all user interactions are carefully tracked and recorded with email marketing. Over time this data allows targeting to become increasingly precise as user habits, trends and product popularity become more apparent. This data benefits both the brand and D&W – the brand can accurately profile their customer base and understand the buying habits whilst D&W strategically use the findings to maximise the success of subsequent email campaigns.

3. Reach the Widest Possible Audience

Today, the diversity across devices used to browse the internet means that it is all too easy to exclude a significant number of customers by not catering to their preferred browsing device; from mobile, tablet, desktop and even to gaming consoles. In a similar way, the usage of a variety of different email clients complicates matters even further; for example we have Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Apple Mail to name a few. With such a multitude of device and client combinations, ensuring an email renders suitably, no matter the combination, is crucial and no mean feat as anyone familiar with the labyrinthine rendering processes each one of these devices and email clients employ will know! However, through testing D&W are able to ensure that the rendering across all platforms is elegantly consistent and the emails look great no matter what the device or email client.

Want To Learn More?

D&W achieves its success in email marketing through a painstaking, meticulous process but it is this attention to detail which achieves such positive results and makes our clients happy. Providing a full email marketing consultancy, management and production service, D&W handle every aspect of the email campaign and work closely with clients to maximise conversions, revenue and success.

To learn more about our services, please contact our offices on 0161 946 3851 and speak to our team of dedicated specialists who will be more than happy to help guide and advise you on a strategy best suited to your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

By 2018, 42.4% of world’s population will be plugged into the internet, with around 3.6 bn people able to access it at least once a month.
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