Wonking in the Workplace

Wonking in the workplace

Now I’ve got your attention and you’ve clicked through I’ll introduce you to the term we know as Wonking. (Yes a grabbing subject line and post title does help encourage users to click).

An expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly and excessively.This word is most often encountered in the term “policy wonk”. There are many speculations about the origin of the word, for example an acronym for WithOut Normal Knowledge, or the reverse spelling of the word “know”, but these claims are not supported by evidence.” (source: http://wordsmith.org)

So, basically, a ‘Wonk’ is essentially a blog written by a person who studies a particular issue or topic thoroughly and excessively.

Here’s a variety of example Wonk’s that we’ve found to bring the theory to life:

American Wonks
Source: American Wonks

Creative Wonks
Source: Creative Wonk

Source: Wonkette

Source: WonkComms

Workout Wonks
Source: Workout Wonks

Washington Post Wonk
Source: Washington Post

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